The uncertain corona times forces us to think out of the box and find creative solutions to bring art and culture to the public safely.

What could be more idyllic than connecting music and nature? Singing under bridges forging bridges between visual artists, nature conservation, musicians and the public, a floating stage, a gondola through the city, with a siren on the bow.

Music is nature. Only vibrating air. Sound waves resonate over the water and touch the hearts.

Together with visual artist Pieter Janssens, we are converting an old rowing boat from the 1970s into an attractive and fairytale décor with a 17th century look. The boat is crewed by city soprano Noémie Schellens and organist Bart Rodyns. Both the boat and the costumes of the artists are 17th century inspired with a contemporary touch and pimped with 'treasures' from the Dijle: recycled, ecological and sustainable.

Noémie Schellens and Bart Rodyns choose music that is connected with nature, with water, with myths and stories, music that appeals to the imagination, which makes you dream of distant forests and magical fairytales.

The audience can enjoy live classical music while walking. Every now and then the boat has a moment of rest when the two musicians perform a mini concert from the gondola. No earphones this time to close off and enjoy your own chosen music, but let yourself be carried away in our choice of passionate operas and melancholic vocalises, dreamy melodies and ancient chants.

26 augustus in Aarschot CC Het Gasthuis

25-27 september in Leuven 30CC